About 'Hardy Kapoor'

PHP Developer with 12+ years experience in developing website solutions in web site programming, designing and bespoke database solutions to companies and individuals.

Web Developer with graduate course in computer applications from one of the top universities and worked for Allainet, smartData, E-kostym and Asia Marketing, Island Technology, Lighthouse International, Phuket Estate, JellyFish, solutionswebsitedesign.

IT consultancy and help individuals, associations and different companies to implement database structured website solutions, web designing and Asp, Flash and PHP programming solutions.

What can I do ?

Offer a whole range of services depending on the needs of your business. Individual services and more cost effective packages are available.

Domain names
Web hosting
Web design
Web development/ programming
Content Management Systems (CMS)
E-Commerce solutions
Dedicated UK emergency 24/7 support
Database solutions
Search engine marketing/optimisation
E-mail newsletters and articles
Website scrapping

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